IR Reflection Sensing Board

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This is a Texas Instruments Powered Reference Design of a Photo-Electric IR Sensing and Measuring board using ultra-low power MSP430FR2311 MCU. This works on battery power and has a long battery life because of the low power consumption of MCU


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This reference design demonstrates the configurable integrated analog of a MSP430™ FRAM microcontroller (MCU) for sensing and measurement applications. This specific design integrates drive of an infrared LED and simultaneous sensing of an IR receiver useful in a variety of sensor use-cases. As an example implementation, this photoelectric IR reflection solution demonstrates the MCU’s ultra-lowpower features with the benefit of FRAM technology and integrated transimpedance amplifier (TIA). A single CR123 battery provides power to the board to make it work more than 10 years.

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Features : 

  • FRAM-Based MSP430FR2311 Eliminating EEPROM
  • Integrated Analog Front End (AFE)
  • Amplifier With pA Level Low-Leakage Input
  • 10 Year Lifecycle With One CR123 Battery
  • Ultra-Low-Average Power (MCU 1 µA)
  • High-ESD Performance With Easy Layout
  • Photoelectric IR reflection-sensing
  • Analog front-end circuit based on integrated amplifiers with pA level low leakage input
  • Audio buzzer that alerts when IR reflection is sensed
  • Test button to perform self-test mode or silence the alarm


  • IR Reflection Sensing
  • Heat Emission Detection
  • Computer Motherboard Heating

Parts used:

  • MSP430FR2311 – Texas Instruments` 16 MHz Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller with nonvolatile FRAM
  • TPS61040 – Low-Power DC-DC Boost Converter
Design Resources(Downloads) – Technical Documents
Document Type Title Date
Design Guide IR Reflection Sensing Board hardware configuration and PCB design considerations 20/09/2019
Data Sheet IR Reflection Sensing Board – MSP430FR2311 – Texas Instruments` 16 MHz Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller with nonvolatile FRAM 20/09/2019
User Manual IR Reflection Sensing Board technical reference and user manual 20/09/2019

Design Downloads

  • IR Reflection Sensing Board Gerbers
  • IR Reflection Sensing Board pdf
  • DXF and 3D files

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