Energy Harvest Environment Sensor

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This is a Texas Instruments Powered Reference Design of a Energy Harvesting Ambient Light and Environment Sensor Node for Sub-1GHz Networks


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Energy Harvesting Envi Sensor Breakout v1.0 is a ultra-low power and renewable method of Wireless Environment Sensing using daylight energy harvesting with extremely long battery backup. This design uses Texas Instruments’ ultra-low power harvester power management SimpleLink™ ultra-low power sub-1 GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform and ambient light, humidity, and temperature sensing technologies to achieve continuous monitoring while the energy harvesting circuit is active and interrupt monitoring when running from the backup battery


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Features : 

  • Runs entirely from solar energy when lux level is sufficient (continuous mode)
  • Supports interrupt mode triggered by indoor LUX levels
  • Long backup battery life (up to 10 years) in interrupt mode
  • Senses natural ambient light coming into a building to precisely control the building’s lighting systems
  • Monitors temperature and relative humidity in addition to ambient light


  • Smart Lighting
  • Daylight Harvester
  • Environmental Sensing Nodes
  • Wireless Sensor Node
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • HVAC Sensors
  • Building Automation

Parts used:

  • BQ25505 – Harvester power management IC
  • CC1310 – Sub 1GHz Chip
  • CSD75208W1015 – MOSFET
Design Resources(Downloads) – Technical Documents
Document Type Title Date
Design Guide Energy Harvesting Envi Sensor Breakout v1.0  hardware configuration and PCB design considerations 15/09/2019
Data Sheet Energy Harvesting Envi Sensor Breakout v1.0  – CC1310 Sub1-GHz Wireless MCU datasheet 15/09/2019
User Manual Energy Harvesting Envi Sensor Breakout v1.0 technical reference and user manual 15/09/2019

Design Downloads

  • Energy Harvesting Envi Sensor Breakout v1.0 Gerbers
  • Energy Harvesting Envi Sensor Breakout v1.0 Schematic pdf
  • DXF and 3D files

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