CAP-TOUCH Remote v1.0

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This is a Texas Instruments Powered Reference Design of a CAP Touch based user interface for Remote based on MSP430 MCU and CapTIvate Technology


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CAP-Touch Remote Board v1.0 is a Texas Instruments powered reference design which uses sel and mutual-capacitance  to enable mutli-functional, capacitative touch panels. The design allows operators to extend the battery life through low-power active and standby modes

Components Used

  • MSP430FR2633
  • DRV2605L


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Features : 

  • CapTIvate Capacitive Touch Functions
  • Eight Touch Buttons
  • One Touch Slider for Volume Control
  • One GesturePad for Slide and Tap Gestures
  • One Proximity Sensor for Grip Detection
  • Two LEDs to Indicate Power Status and Touch Operation
  • Wake-On Grip Detection With Ultra-Low-Power Standby Mode
  • PC GUI for Demonstration of Remote Control Capabilities
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy Connectivity to PC Through Bluetooth EVM CC2650EM-7ID
  • I 2C and UART Communication Interfaces
  • Haptic Circuitry Available

Applications : 

  • Smart TV Remotes
  • Set-Top Box Remotes
  • Sound System Remotes
Design Resources(Downloads) – Technical Documents
Document Type Title Date
Application Notes CAPTouch Remote v1.0 hardware configuration and PCB design considerations 12/09/2019
User Guide CAPTouch Remote v1.0 board  – MSP430FR2633 datasheet 13/09/2019
Startup Manual CAPTouch Remote v1.0 technical reference and user manual 13/09/2019

Design Downloads

  • CapTouch Remote v1.0 Gerbers
  • CAPTouch Remote v1.0 Schematic pdf
  • DXF and 3D files

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