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Booster-pack of a 9-axis (SiP) System in Package motion sensor BNO080 which enables development of sensor-enabled Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Robotics and IoT Devices.


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Booster-pack of a 24-bit precision ADC, HX711 is designed for Plug and Play with any TI Launchpad for weigh scale applications

HX711 is a precision 24-bit analog to-digital converter (ADC) designed for weigh scales and industrial control applications to interface directly with a bridge sensor

The input multiplexer selects either Channel A or B differential input to the low-noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA)

Booster-pack allows it to integrate with any of Texas Instruments(TI) Launchpad to cut the time of prototyping

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Features : 

  • Two selectable differential input channels
  • Operation supply voltage range: 2.6 ~ 5.5V
  • On-chip active low noise PGA with a selectable gain of 32, 64 and 128
  • On-chip power supply regulator for load-cell and ADC analog power supply
  • Selectable 10SPS or 80SPS output data rate
  • Current consumption including on-chip analog power supply regulator: normal operation < 1.5mA, power down < 1uA
  • Operation temperature range: -40 ~ +85?
  • 16 pin SOP-16 package

Applications : 

  • Weigh Scales
  • Industrial Process Control
Design Resources(Downloads) – Technical Documents
Document Type Title Date
Application Notes BOOSTXL-SIMPL_SCALE hardware configuration and PCB design considerations 12/03/2019
Design files Avia Semiconductors 24-bit Precision ADC – HX711 13/03/2019
User Guides BOOSTXL-SIMPL_SCALE technical reference and user manual 14/03/2019

Design Downloads

  • BOOSTXL-SIMPL_SCALE Schematic pdf
  • DXF and 3D files

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